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A few ideas for enjoying winter flora & fauna

Whilst autumn and winter aren’t typically the gardening season, there is still much that can be achieved with ease and to great effect.

Whether it’s a winter planter placed by your front door, or a splash of vibrant colour indoors, here are a few ideas for enjoying winter flora and fauna, until the warmer weather returns.

A warm welcome – A great way to welcome visitors to your home is with a seasonal display in a pot by your door. Choosing easy to care for plants that can withstand the drop in temperatures is essential to make sure it stands the test of time, but its also important to get flowers that offer warm colours that embrace the season. Once you’ve done one, why not pop some more around your property so that on a chilly morning, a stroll or sit outside with a coffee will look that little bit brighter. Plants such as cyclamen, snowdrops, and winter flowering pansies always bring a burst of colour but don’t forget to look at shrubs and grasses too that can also add subtle swathes of winter colour.

Outside In – If you love to have fresh flowers in your home why not switch to winter displays. Choose a rich colour pallet to embrace the colours of the season, berries always look good and who knew there were so many shades of green when it comes to foliage! There’s lots of ideas online, including festive florals, to inspire you into creating a superb arrangement rather than simply popping cut flowers in a vase.

Spring into a new season – Winter is also a great time to have spring bulbs in the home such as hyacinths. Watching them grow and flower is a reminder that, even on the darkest of winter days, spring will be here soon. Or pop some snowdrops and crocuses in pots outside, another reminder of a new season and a pretty display too with their delicate flowers.

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