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Family members benefit from park home living

Peace of mind for families who want to know their loved ones are safe in their own homes.

Park home living is a great lifestyle for so many reasons – single storey living, gated, secure community, neighbours who keep an eye out for you, and low maintenance properties.

They also offer peace of mind for families who want to know that their loved ones are safe in their own homes, and as a result, the team at Serenity Parks has seen an increased number of enquiries from families helping to find a new home for parents or grandparents in the future.

“There has been a significant uplift in adult children enquiring about our homes for their parents or grandparents as they search for a solution that will give them peace of mind,” said Marie Hanby, Marketing Manager, Serenity Parks. “With a significant lack of single storey homes, both historically and in new build developments, park homes offer easy access living that is safe and secure and supports those with mobility issues, or those that simply want to balance privacy and companionship.”

The park homes offered by Serenity Parks are sourced from some of the leading park home manufacturers in the UK. The two-bedroom homes are available fully furnished, making moving even easier – all many residents have to do is unpack their personal belongings and enjoy their new home.

“Many of our residents enjoy the simplicity of owning a home on one of our parks; there is little maintenance, energy bills are significantly lower, and they can enjoy the privacy of their own home whilst knowing that there is always someone close by for a friendly chat or to lend a helping hand,” said Marie. “In addition, families know that their loved ones are safe and happy which is so important.”

Fully accredited by the British Holiday & Homes Parks Association and a compliant park operator, each Serenity Parks site holds a full residential license to allow residents to reside all year round. This has allowed it to create high-end yet affordable living in later life, designed specifically for permanent occupation.

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