Benefits of Park Home Living

Buying your Park Home

Value for Money when Downsizing

One of the very best things about moving to a high-end park home is the equity you can release by downsizing to a more affordable property. Each park home located on a Serenity Parks site has been priced much lower than a traditional bricks and mortar property yet is designed to be a lot more economical in the long-run. Park homes are exempt from Stamp Duty (unlike traditional homes) and come with the added benefit of enjoying lower utility bills too. This allows you to keep a larger proportion of your equity that can help towards funding a more luxurious retirement or having more disposable income to spend on the things that matter to you.

Enjoy later life

Financial Security

As well as being designed with optimum luxury and comfort in mind, each and every park home in all Serenity Parks sites across the country have been carefully designed to be affordable to buy in the short-term and economical to run in the long-term. Because of the low purchase price and low running costs of our park homes, residents can release equity from their existing property, which can be carefully reinvested or go towards a more luxurious retirement. By choosing park home living, you can have the stable and secure financial future you have always dreamed of.

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Peace of Mind

Purchasing a park home on one of our bespoke sites across the UK gives you the peace of mind that you are choosing a high-quality park home that is built to last. As a fully licensed residential park home operator accredited by the BH&HPA, each and every park home across all Serenity Parks sites comes with a 10-year warranty for your safety and security.  Find out more about our warranties by clicking here.

As a ‘Sell My Group’ recommended park, you can be assured that any homes for sale are genuine.  You can find out more about the recommended park scheme by clicking the link below.


Sell My Group Recommended Park Scheme
Friends enjoying later life

Sense of Community

By joining the Serenity Parks family, you are joining a dynamic and sociable community of like-minded individuals from similar walks of life with whom you can forge lasting friendships. Much like a thriving village community, each of our parks has a buzz and a vibrancy that is generated from regular social events, which encourages our residents to bond together whilst enjoying the things you love.

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Chester's Croft Location

Exclusive Locations

Each Serenity Park is perfectly placed against tranquil, desirable backdrops across the UK, meaning that you can have the best of both worlds – you have beautiful green spaces at your disposal in and around the site but are still perfectly placed to enjoy all the amenities that the immediate area has to offer, including leisure facilities, golf courses, parks, nature reserves and much more besides.

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Grandparents & Grandchild spending quality time together

Quality of Life

The quality of life offered at Serenity Parks is one of the many things our residents love – we offer comfortable, modern and eco-friendly homes (which help keep ongoing costs to a minimum), all whilst surrounded by stunning scenery, peaceful neighbours and friendly and attentive staff who are dedicated to keeping the park clean, tidy and perfectly preserved. Having everything taken care of means you are free to enjoy the low-maintenance living you deserve.

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A Superior Lifestyle in Later Life

A park home lifestyle offers you so much more than disposable income and a bespoke, luxury property – it offers you an easy, worry-free way of life, focussed on your comfort and enjoyment surrounded by like-minded neighbours. Living at Serenity Parks is a positive experience, allowing you to live the low-maintenance life you have always craved in later life.

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Friends enjoying later life
George & Deborah Phillips at Kingsdown Meadow
Enjoy later life
Residents Ketih & Louise Hanks
Resident Peggie Thornber
Residents Suzanne & Tony Higgins
Bill & Peggy Tillott
Resident Maddy Darlaston

Words from our lovely residents...

The park is in a lovely location and we know that the lifestyle and type of home will suit us perfectly. The summer will be a perfect time to move in and make acquaintances with our neighbours, and we are looking forward to beginning the next chapter in our lives together.

Mr & Mrs Howard
Residents at Kingsdown Meadow since 2021 (Associated image for illustrative purpose only)

I decided that the time had come for me to downsize and move closer to my sister and friends, and it was a great reason for the much-needed sort out of my possessions that I had kept promising myself. I first visited with a friend just before Christmas and fell in love with the home, the park and its location. I returned with my son and he reassured me that it was as lovely as I had first thought. As well as my home being absolutely lovely, it’s definitely the neighbours that make this a great place to live. We all help each other out and this helped me settle quickly, especially when my car broke down when I first moved in! Everyone helped me with what I needed, and I feel that I have made friends for life here.

Ms Fox
Resident at Kingsdown Meadow since 2021 (Associated image for illustrative purpose only)

We were very lucky to have such lovely people on hand to give us a little help when we needed it most and we know that we can rely on each other in exceptional circumstances. Deborah really enjoys her drive home from work now, as do I, and it’s great when you arrive home to be able to exchange friendly words with our neighbours. It’s such a great community and we are so impressed we are trying to persuade a family member to join us at the park as we know it would suit them perfectly, just as it does us.

Mr & Mrs Phillips
Residents at Kingsdown Meadow since 2021

The time had come for us to leave our three-bedroom semi-detached home with front and rear garden in a busy area and enjoy our retirement in a more peaceful location and in a home without stairs and that was easier to maintain. It is really hard to find single level properties, and even harder to find one in a lovely location, so when we visited Kingsdown Meadow we were delighted. We just fell in love with the entire concept of living in such a lovely park home and it completely dispelled any myths that we may have had about it. We are thrilled with our new home and lifestyle. We’ve made some fantastic friends, have great neighbours and everyone really takes the time to be friendly and look out for each other. We would definitely recommend moving to a Serenity Parks home and we are so glad we took the decision to do so.

Mr & Mrs Evans
Residents at Kingsdown Meadow since 2021 (Associated image for illustrative purpose only)

Our circumstances had changed and we had no option but to look for a bungalow to support our health needs, yet, there was so little choice available in the location and price range we had that we just couldn’t find anything that suited us. We both still work so are the perfect example that such developments are not just for those that have retired or have limited funds. We love our new home, have made lots of new friends and the real sense of community ensured we felt safe and settled in a very short space of time. Within the first month we had attended a dinner party and similar invites are reciprocated across our friendship group at the development. The benefits of this lifestyle are not only social, they are also economic too with our first quarter gas bill arriving at just £12! We have never looked back and would urge others to forget the stigma historically associated with such developments and see just how fantastic they are now.

Mr & Mrs Hanks
Residents at Chester's Croft since 2017

As soon as I visited the park I knew that I would be happy here. Everyone was so friendly, the homes were filled with light and had lovely views and in addition, the living costs were much lower than a typical home – I couldn’t wait to move in. Moving home at any age can be challenging but I have settled so well here that I don’t have a single regret. I am looking forward to the new chapter in my life in my lovely new home that makes getting around so easy and allows me to keep my independence completely.

Peggie Thornber
Resident at Chester's Croft since 2016

We decided that there were more important things than bricks and mortar and that we wanted a welcoming home in an equally welcoming community that didn’t demand too much of our time in its upkeep. When we visited the park home development we just fell in love with the simplicity of the lifestyle and, as our costs were significantly reduced, we knew we would enjoy the freedom to make the memories we had dreamed of whilst progressing our careers and raising our family. Our biggest fear was giving up bricks and mortar and freehold but our sons were both incredibly supportive of our move and encouraged us to enjoy our retirement – finding somewhere to live that felt like home from the beginning was the most important thing. We can’t believe how happy we are here and we would encourage anyone else to explore the opportunities offered by living in these wonderful communities. This was a simple decision for us to make really as when you work you don’t have time and when you have time you don’t have money. This move released equity from our previous home and allows us to maintain a lifestyle we can enjoy.

Mr & Mrs Higgins
Residents at Chester's Croft since 2018

We’ve lived in Chester’s Croft since 1979, and our park home is everything we were looking for. We’re delighted with the on-site management provided by Serenity Parks, and we love the central location, which has everything we need right on our doorstep. We would highly recommend the site to anyone who’s about to downsize.

Mr & Mrs Tillott
Residents at Chester’s Croft since 1979

This is an affordable way of living as running and maintenance costs are significantly lower when compared to my previous home. Living here is a complete pleasure, I have a lovely home and it is so nice being able to step out your home, have a friendly chat or a simple ‘Good Morning’ with your neighbours and know that should I ever need anything, someone who is happy to help is close by.

Ms M Darlaston
Resident at Chester’s Croft since 2018

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