Bill's Coffee Cake

Bill’s Great Bakes (coffee cake recipe included)

Baking is a great way of bringing communities together!

Bill, a resident at our Chester’s Croft development in the North West of England is known to everyone at the park for his friendly demeanour and amazing baking skills!

His wife Peggy (chief cake taster), daughter Madeleine (who also lives on the park) and a few close neighbours, are lucky enough to benefit from a whole range of delicious bakes including strawberry sponge (Peggy’s favourite), coconut cake (Maddy’s favourite), coffee cake and Madeira cake.

“Baking really helps me to relax and I feel very proud when a lovely golden cake comes out of the oven” said Bill. “It’s a great way of bringing communities together and it’s been very pleasing to see more people enjoy this relaxing hobby during 2020 as we’ve had to spend more time in our homes.”

Bill always likes to look for a new baking challenge and, during a visit to Eastbourne, he enjoyed a delicious Red Velvet cake. He is now looking for a recipe that tastes just like the one he enjoyed on holiday.

“Mary Berry has always been a great inspiration to me and is my style of baker – no messing, just follow the rules and correct measures, throw everything in a bowl and see how it turns out,” said Bill. “I’m now looking forward to tackling some recipes in her book ‘Quick Cooking’ which I have recently ordered. It will be great to learn some new dishes for Peggy and I to enjoy, and for me to share the recipes with our friends and neighbours at Chester’s Croft.”

Coming from a big family, Bill joked maybe a shortage of cake in his younger years is what started his love of baking. Whatever started it, we feel inspired to bake a cake or two and Bill has been kind enough to share his coffee sandwich cake recipe so we can all have a go;

Bill’s Coffee Cake Sandwich

– (6oz) self raising flower
– (1 ½ level teaspoons) baking powder
– (6 oz) margarine
– (6 oz) caster sugar
– 3 eggs
– (1 tablespoon) coffee essence

Sift flower and baking powder into bowl, add margarine, caster sugar and eggs. Mix until light and fluffy, then add coffee essence and mix well.

Place contents into a well-greased 8in cake tin. Bake in a preheated oven at (350f) Gas mark 4 for 1 hr 10 min (middle shelf). When cold slice cake in half, and spread butter cream thickly on lower half, replace top half and then dredge with icing sugar.

Butter Cream
– (6 oz) butter
– (12 oz) icing sugar

Place ingredients in a bowl and mix until light and fluffy. Then mix (1 level tablespoon) instant coffee (with 1 tablespoon of hot water) and stir until dissolved, then add to bowl and mix well in.

Bill’s top tip – for coffee essence be sure to use Camp chicory and coffee essence!

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