Buying Your Park Home

Buying your Park Home

Making the transition from a bricks and mortar home to a high-end park home could not be easier

The purchase process with Serenity Parks is quick and simple, choose your perfect park home and we will do the rest.

Serenity Parks offer expert support and guidance at every stage of your journey. We can even take over the sale of your existing property, leaving you free to move into your new home with peace of mind that everything is taken care of on your behalf.

If you have an existing property to sell, Serenity Parks can take over the sales process with our bespoke Assisted Sale scheme (explained below), meaning that you can sit back, relax and move into your new park home without a worry.

Using our quick and easy Assisted Sale process, you reap all the rewards of releasing equity from your existing home, without all the hassle and expense of selling the property yourself. And the best part is you don’t have to wait until the selling process has completed on your existing property before you move into your new park home – your new lifestyle can start whenever you choose.

Everything we do is designed to give you peace of mind, and our Assisted Sale scheme is no exception – if for any reason your home falls short of the agreed market price, Serenity Parks will cover the shortfall to ensure you don’t have to forfeit your dream home.

Our Assisted Sale Scheme couldn't be easier!

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Serenity Parks will instruct a local estate agent to value your home and agree on a selling price with you.

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Complete our Assisted Sale application, giving us official permission to sell your home on your behalf.

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Serenity Parks will take care of all estate agent and legal fees up to an agreed value for your peace of mind.

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We will put you in touch with a specialist independent solicitor who will act on your behalf during the sale of your home.

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Once the above has been approved and agreed, a local selling agent is then instructed to market the property and conduct viewings on your behalf.

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Both the sales agent and Serenity Parks will handle all offers and negotiations on your behalf, ensuring you are kept informed at every opportunity.

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Once a sale has been agreed, we will progress the sale through to exchange of contracts, whilst at the same time conducting the sale of your new park home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is included in the purchase price?

    When you buy a Serenity Parks home, you’re getting exceptional value for money – not only is the whole purchase price significantly lower than a traditional bricks and mortar home, you also get all built-in furniture as standard (which includes sofas, dining tables, curtains, cushions and even bed linen) to make your move as quick, easy and seamless as possible.

  • Q: Do park homes always lose their value?

    The value of a park home will fluctuate in the same way that residential property changes. The age of the house, the size, general state of the home and location, contribute to the overall price. Most of the value of a park home is linked to the value of the land it is situated on, so if the land value continues to go up, the value of the park home should not fall.  Because park homes are becoming more popular, the demand is every increasing. As long as park home sites are still in demand, the value will remain consistent and remain in line with the value of regular housing. This means that park homes do not lose their value, unless the property market is in decline, park home prices reflect the property market.

  • Q: Is there any stamp duty to pay on a park home?

    No, one of the many benefits of park home living is that, unlike a conventional home, you do not need to pay any Stamp Duty when purchasing a park home.

  • Q: How much is the council tax?

    All Serenity Parks homes fall under the cheapest Council Tax bracket (Band A), but additional discounts may apply with the council depending on your individual circumstances. If you have any questions about your Council Tax payments, refer to the park particulars or ask a member of staff for the current annual rate.

  • Q: How do the purchase costs compare with conventional housing?

    Purchase costs usually compare favourably, which, as with a standard home, vary according to factors like costs and specifications of the chosen home, as well as the current market conditions.
    Serenity Parks offers a huge selection of park homes to suite every taste and budget. Please speak with a member of the Serenity Parks team for an updated pricing structure.

  • Q: How do the running costs compare with conventional housing?

    Even though you don’t need to budget for things like Stamp Duty when purchasing a park home, you do need to budget for things like pitch fees to cover maintenance in and around the park.
    You will also need to make the usual provisions for utilities like Council Tax, gas, water and electricity which tend to compare favourably to those while living in bricks and mortar home. Serenity Parks are not allowed to add any extra charges to a resident’s utility bill.

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