Chester's Croft Residential Park

Discover the Delights of Park Home Living

The delights of park home living continue to be discovered by an ever-growing number of people who are drawn to the simplicity and community spirit it offers.

As new homes developers continue to favour apartments and homes over single storey accommodation types, the rise of park homes in popularity shows that a market niche is being fulfilled with aplomb.

Serenity Parks, a park home operator who takes great pride in elevating park home status and providing quality homes and communities, has seen a wider demographic of clientele choosing this type of lifestyle and actively markets its homes for those aged 45 and over.

“Our parks have attracted a range of residents ranging from single people to couples who are still working and those who have retired,” said Marie Hanby Marketing Manager Serenity Parks. “It’s testament to the flexibility and attractiveness of choosing a park home as a permanent residence that appeals to so many people and the industry continues to prosper in light of that.”

One resident who commends the new life he and his wife now enjoy at Chester’s Croft in Cheadle Hulme is Keith Hanks

“Our circumstances had changed and we had no option but to look for a bungalow to support our health needs, yet, there was so little choice available we just couldn’t find anything that suited us,” said Keith. “Then, the suggestion was made about park homes and after just one visit we knew that we had found the perfect place for our new home.”

Due to the stage of the development Keith was able to design many elements of the home himself to ensure their needs were catered for in every way. This has resulted in a stunning 1,000 sq ft home giving the couple ample space for all their belongings.

Keith concluded; “We both still work so are the perfect example that such developments are not just for those that have retired. We love our new home, have made lots of new friends and the real sense of community ensured we felt safe and settled in a very short space of time. Within the first month we had hosted a dinner party and similar invites are reciprocated across our friendship group at the development.”

Add to this the appeal of low maintenance, low utility costs and the opportunity to free up property capital for those who have a home to sell, there is little wonder that park home living continues to prosper and is a popular choice for 21st century lifestyles.

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