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Downsize to Serenity and Secure your Future

Recent statistics state that over 11m homeowners will want to downsize their properties in the next twenty years, but with apartments and bungalows not that high on many housebuilder lists, what will it take to make these dreams become reality?

Perhaps the answer lies with park homes – a modern and alternative place to call home when compared with traditional bricks and mortar.

It would actually appear that luxury park home living is on the cusp of a major upturn and providers, such as Serenity Parks, are offering the perfect solution for those looking to downsize; freeing up time and money and living in a stylish, low maintenance home where residents feel like they are on holiday every day.

Many parks, including those by Serenity, are in rural locations giving residents the chance to live in a peaceful idyll whilst knowing that neighbours and local facilities are close to hand when they are needed.

It seems like it’s the blueprint for a win-win situation and demand is mirroring Serenity’s expectations as more and more people discover the benefits that a park home can bring. They are turning their backs on the trappings of social status which has typically included big houses that, when the family has flown the nest can remain a drain on time and finances, the two things that people wish they had more of.

Park home ownership

So, you’ve had your curiosity sparked and are wondering what park home living is all about. How does it work, what can you expect and what will it cost?

To qualify for purchasing a Serenity Park home you have to be over 45 although you may find that age limits are higher from other providers.

Currently, residents range from those that are still working and wanted a luxury, compact home to enjoy, to those that have retired and were looking for a low maintenance home in a community where they felt safe and secure.

People buy the park home, but not the land that it sits on, and therefore, a ground rent fee has to be paid each month. This rent varies from park to park so it’s worth doing your homework. That said, the costs of owning a park home typically far outweighs the costs of owning a bricks and mortar home. For example; Council Tax comes in the Band A bracket which can be under £100 per month, dependent upon council jurisdictions. Furthermore, stamp duty is not payable on park home purchases.

At Serenity Parks, the ground rent fee also covers maintenance on the park, communal gardening fees and the general upkeep to ensure the high standards that you expect are adhered to.

Included in the purchase price is a fully fitted kitchen which includes fridge and freezer, oven, splashbacks and tiling. Furniture and interior packs can also be chosen and are included in the price. All newly constructed park homes now conform to BS 3632:2015 giving high standards of energy efficiency and complete peace of mind for many years to come whether you use it as a permanent home, or as a UK base to allow you to fulfil dreams of living abroad.

UK base for living the dream

Many of us dream of giving up work, retiring early and taking flight to the sun, sand and sea in a far-flung destination especially during the gloomy British winter.

For many though, that would involve some serious financial planning and quite possibly freeing up capital investment in property to allow the purchase of a home abroad.

But, whilst that may be the perfect dream but for others the thought of giving up all roots in the UK can be a little daunting and sometimes make the dream no longer viable either practically, or emotionally.

Buying a UK based park home can give people the flexibility to realise their dreams and have the best of both worlds; a bolthole in the sun and a British base where those family ties and roots can be retained.

What’s on offer

Serenity Parks’ first acquisition in the South of England, Kingsdown Meadow, near Sevenoaks in Kent is a small development of just 42 homes.

The homes lie at the heart of leafy Kent midway between the villages of Otford and Eynsford – a chance to escape from it all whilst still be just minutes’ drive from the hustle and bustle of Sevenoaks. It’s perfect for those who want peace and quiet on a daily basis, but will be safe and secure in the rural idyll knowing that they have the support network of neighbours at the park and all in the security of a gated community.

A range of park homes are available to select from renowned manufacturers such as Omar, Oakgrove and Prestige and there are many options to choose from to personalise your home with regard layout, interior packs and individual specifications.

Does your future lie in a park home?

The demand for park homes shows no sign of diminishing and this is clearly an upward trend.

Pleasingly, park home owners like Serenity Parks are leading the way in the industry and the archaic stigma once associated with park homes seems to have finally been eradicated. Furthermore, a change in legislation, that has seen park homes recognised as permanent residences, has helped to elevate their status as a tangible home option for many people.

Considerable investment continues to be made in the developments that Serenity Parks own and its first developments, which were located in the North West of England saw demand outstrip supply, proving that retirement homes in small communities really is what astute buyers are demanding.

“We take great pride in elevating park home status and providing quality homes and communities to support the desire, in those aged 45 and over, to downsize or those seeking a more simplistic lifestyle,” said Marie Hanby Marketing Manager Serenity Parks. “By offering a variety of home styles, all of which can be personalised at this stage in the park development process, we are offering a lifestyle and a home that will make our residents wonder why they didn’t downsize and make the move to a Serenity park home sooner.”

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