Resident Maddy Darlaston

15 Year Gap Sees Resident Return

Finding the perfect place to call home happens for a variety of reasons, but one resident at our Chester’s Croft development knew that this was her perfect place having called it home fifteen years previously.

Madeleine Darlaston, 67, had lived on the park when she was married and, prior to that, her parents had also chosen the park home lifestyle for them after retirement. After a divorce, Madeleine purchased an apartment but knew that her heart lie with the community based living that park home developments offer and set about making her return happen.

“I had loved living here but circumstances prevailed and I had to leave,” said Madeleine. “I purchased a flat as my new home but found that I could spend days not seeing or speaking to any of my neighbours – it was really quite isolating and I knew then that I would be happier returning to Chester’s Croft and the social lifestyle that this brought.”
Madeleine chose a two-bedroom home offering an open plan living room, dining area and kitchen.

“This is an affordable way of living as running and maintenance costs are significantly lower when compared to my previous home,” said Madeleine. “Living here is a complete pleasure, I have a lovely home and it is so nice being able to step out your home, have a friendly chat or a simple ‘Good Morning’ with your neighbours and know that should I ever need anything, someone who is happy to help is close by.”

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