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Handy tips for downsizing and decluttering

When the children have flown the nest and a smaller home is required, a park home can provide a wonderful opportunity for a simple lifestyle that has all the home comforts you could need.

At Serenity, we are able to provide you with a fully furnished home that gives you options to tailor make the interiors and layout to your own requirements.

But what to do with all your belongings and possessions that have been collected over a lifetime and seem to fill every corner and cupboard of the home you currently own? Where will it all fit?

If you know that you need to decrease the amount of things you own there is much help out there to get you started with lots in the media in 2019 about tips for decluttering and downsizing. Marie Kondo took us all a little unawares with her mantra of only keeping things that ‘spark joy’ – but how to put that in to practice still seemed to elude so many.


Her ‘Kon Mari’ method is more about removing items from your home that don’t really add anything to your everyday life, either emotionally or practically. It sounds ruthless but it has delivered amazing results with people saying they feel calmer, less anxious and have realised what’s really important as a result of the process.

Unusually, it involves tackling your possessions category by category, not room by room so that it gives you an overall image of what you have. The goal is to have a home with things that spark joy.

It works by following six basic rules and then there are five categories to tackle:

Komono (Miscellaneous)
Sentimental Items

You should finish one category before moving onto another. So, looking at the first one, you should take out every piece of clothing you own and ask if it sparks joy when you wear it. Does it make you feel sad when you see it in the wardrobe because it no longer fits? Time to get rid of it! Has it always made you feel a little dowdy when it has an outing but you’ve kept it because it was expensive. Another one for the discard pile! Or, do you feel like a million dollars in it every time? One to keep, because it sparks joy.

The key is to follow this principle and apply it to everything you own and apparently, success will be enjoyed.


If the ruthlessness of this method fills you with some trepidation, and you have a little time on your side before downsizing day is upon you, you could take a slightly slower, gentler approach – one which may not feel quite so radical.

Perhaps try by giving away one item a day. Put a bag or a box somewhere and when its full take it to your nearest charity shop. Or take a bag and fill it with items that you’ve not used within the last 6 months. Any steps towards removing unnecessary items and clutter from our homes will deliver many benefits whether you are downsizing or not.

Benefits include less cleaning, less to organise, less debt by purchasing things that you don’t really need and don’t really use and less stress (see the first three points!)

So, whether you are moving to a Serenity Park home imminently, or have plans to do so in the future, why not tackle your clutter now to make downsizing a dream.

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