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Homeowning: A Fast Track to Happiness?

For centuries homeowning in the UK has been seen as symbol of status and success, but new research has come to light that brings a different dimension to that.

In Britain, buying a house is an expectation of society and many people feel obliged to join the property ladder from as early as their late teens. A recent study conducted by Zoopla (an online property retailer) may just have found another reason to strive for this, in addition to status – happiness.

The study found that owning your own property is proven to have remarkable effects on a person’s overall happiness and wellbeing, improving it significantly which may explain why people are keen to own their own home across the generations.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or looking to downsize into a smaller home, you can still reap the benefits. For those aged over 45, our park homes offer you a chance to potentially free up equity and save money, whilst still being a full-time homeowner and achieving those enviable levels of happiness.

The research also documented that age had an impact on people’s levels of happiness and that life satisfaction is reported to be significantly higher during peoples later years.

Our beautifully furnished homes and serene settings only add to life satisfaction and the team at Serenity Parks support you through this particular part of your house owning journey, helping you to find a park home that facilitates the lifestyle you dream of and deserve.

Other interesting facts that were reported in the research was the impact that money had on happiness, not quite in the way you would presume. Spending a large share of your cash on experiences, such as holidays, nights out and fun with the family, elicits more happiness than having a large income ever could.

If you are in the market for downsizing, one of our beautiful park homes could help to free up equity, allowing you to spend a bit more on these experiences and creating some lasting happy memories. And, as well as permanent homes they make perfect UK bases for those that choose to live abroad for part of the year too.

This research has only confirmed what we suspected – that happiness is found at home and that owning that home only has a positive impact on wellbeing, whatever age you are.

So, why not discover our lovely settings, gorgeous homes and be happy in Serenity.

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