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Chesters Croft Residential Park

We are actively looking for diversification partnerships

Diversification from a core business principle, whether through necessity or choice can sometimes be a daunting prospect filled with challenges and uncertainty.

For land owners there is a wide range of diversification options, one of which could be creating a business that supports retirement to rural communities.

By working in conjunction with an existing business to formulate a diversification plan that permits the retention of land but also has the ability to deliver a regular income, might be an attractive proposal and one that Serenity Parks are keen to support; helping and guiding land owners into an exciting new phase.

Serenity Parks is renowned for being a discerning residential park home provider. Our gated park home communities offer an exceptional quality of life in rural areas. Working with land owners is an exciting proposal that could solve a number of challenges facing both the farming community and those looking to solve the nation’s housing shortages.

To facilitate the success of such diversification Serenity Parks has adopted a very flexible business model; one where it’s expertise in land and homes of modular construction can help land owners deliver their desire to diversify, without them having to give up the ownership of the land on which the developments are based. The creation of permanent residences will bring many benefits including the potential for additional revenue to be injected into rural areas and the opportunity to reduce or even reverse the decline of rural communities.

Serenity Parks is actively looking for diversification partnerships across the country, if this sounds of interest please use the ‘Get in Touch’ button and send us an email with your contact details and any relevant information.

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