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Living independently for longer

In less than 20 years 1 in 4 of the UK population will be aged over 65...

…It’s a pretty big shift from where we are now and one that will require a change to how the elderly are cared for.

Perhaps the strongest wish by the elderly is that they are able to stay in their homes as long as possible and receive any care and support that they may need there.

Interestingly, almost a quarter of all our residents are aged between 76 and 80 and they are thriving, living in sociable gated communities, in single storey accommodation and with a support network around them. And it seems like 72 is the optimum age to move to your forever home, when work has become a distant memory for most but many are still fit and able to enjoy all the things that retirement should bring.

If it sounds like the recipe for a long and happy retirement, we think you are absolutely right! However, we’re not the only ones that think park home living has a significant part to play in the homes we provide for our older people in years to come. 2020 marked the beginning of the World Health Organisation’s decade of action on healthy ageing, something that we fully support. Why would you want to age in any other way?

In addition York University commenced a three year study last year to look at the benefits of older people staying in their homes for longer and being cared for in them where necessary. The intention is that their findings will be able to contribute to future home development and policy making for the growing older population sector.

Marie Hanby, Marketing Manager, Serenity Parks commented; “So many of our residents are drawn to the easy, laid back lifestyle that our communities offer them and love that they can own their own home that has everything they could possibly need and are warm, cosy and relaxing.

“Growing older is not about giving up, it’s about finding ways to adapt and having a park home facilitates our homeowners needs in terms of accessibility, confidence in feeling safe and secure and the social aspect of living with other like-minded people. Our park home developments tick all of these criteria and we firmly believe that the demand for such homes will continue to grow at unprecedented rates in the next decade.”

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