Friends enjoying later life

Moving home & making friends in later life

Moving to a new home can be daunting at any stage of life but particularly as you get older.

Leaving behind familiar faces and places, friends, and your home can seem like a challenge, however, there is much to be said for choosing a home that suits your needs and the enjoyment that discovering new places and making new friends can bring.

Lots of our residents at Serenity Parks really enjoy the camaraderie that comes with living at one of our parks and make friends with ease. However, should you feel a little overwhelmed, we’ve been inspired to share some info from Oddfellows and a few tips of our own too….

It’s good to talk – Chat to your neighbours as soon as you can, tell them your name and ask for theirs and always have a cheery ‘Hello’ and pause for a moment or two to chat.

Join a club or society – If you’ve got a hobby find the nearest club or meeting that you can go to, or, if now is the time to take up something new, see what the local community or sports centre has to offer. It could be anything from Pilates to photography, just give it a go.

Get out and about – Going for a walk in your local community and stopping for a coffee will mean that you get to see lots more people. Simply chatting to the barista or waitress, or the person on the table next to you, can be the beginning of a new friendship or acquaintance.

Give a little time – Giving up some time is a great thing to do and it means that you will meet people who care about the same things that you do.

Take your time – Moving somewhere new can be overwhelming so don’t throw yourself into so many things that it becomes too much.

Choose a few that you think you’ll enjoy and other than that just smile and be friendly, that’s always a great place to start!

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