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Gary Burns, Director of Park Home provider Serenity Parks, comments on the shift in perception of park home living and how they are working hard to support the growing demand amongst those seeking more affordable property solutions.

Park home developments are becoming the latest property trend with more people choosing the community based living over traditional towns and villages. A study by the Housing and Learning Improvement Network provided a detailed analysis as to how park homes could provide a viable solution to the demand for new homes and affordable living options. Furthermore, the Mobile Home Act 2013 provided new and clear regulations to legislate park home owners and the governance of Local Authorities over those within their boundaries.

In addition to the shift in legalities, park homes continue to discard their historic stigma, benefits are being discovered which include lower running and maintenance costs, friendly communities, the ability to free equity from other properties and single storey living which can support mobility issues that may occur at any time.

Our customers have proved that traditional properties can be incredibly expensive and as people see children leave the family home they are often far too big or require too much maintenance to be financially viable. As a result, park homes give singles or couples the option to have a superbly designed home, in an ideal location and reap the rewards of the social and economic benefits they can deliver.

Choosing park home living means that you purchase your home (which can often be done through an assisted purchase scheme to make the process even simpler), pay an annual ground rent and often enjoy significantly lower council tax and utility costs. Typically, park homes fall within Band A although this should be confirmed with each individual home and development.

Over a quarter of a million people currently choose park homes as their permanent residence and, whilst over 65% of those are aged over 60, at the moment we have seen a definite shift in younger people seeking the benefits earlier to facilitate a more relaxed, financially free lifestyle. With this in mind the we have a lower age limit on our parks at 45 and this will be maintained in all future development wherever possible.

One couple who have chosen to make a Serenity Parks development their home, prior to retirement, is Keith and Louise Hanks.

“We both still work and are the perfect example that such developments are not just for those that have retired or have limited funds,” said Keith. “We love our new home, have made lots of new friends and the real sense of community ensured we felt safe and settled in a very short space of time. Within the first month we were invited to a dinner party and have had similar invites across our friendship group at the development.”

Serenity Parks has a range of residents on its developments ranging from younger couples such as Keith and Louise to older residents who live on their own. All benefit from the secure nature of the development and the sense of community and friendship – a great contributor to people’s wellbeing and mental positivity.

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