The Cambridges at Kingsdown Meadow

Kingsdown Meadow resident’s loving life in Kent

We have made so many friends at our new home!

A couple, who were the first residents to move to our Kingsdown Meadow park, are still extolling the virtues of their move almost eighteen months later.

Simon and Sharon Cambridge chose an Oakgrove style of home, and they were able to commission elements of bespoke design, including a home office for Sharon who has always worked from home as part of her role.

Facing the challenges of the last year or so have been made better for them by making the move to Kingsdown Meadow. Their previous home was a one-bedroom flat without any outdoor space and having a private garden and neighbours at close hand where the time of day could be passed, even in the strictest period of lockdown, only served to reinforce the fact that they had made a great move.

“We have made so many friends at our new home and whilst it has been a very difficult year in some ways, we also feel that we’ve had a great year; making new friends, enjoying our new home and having outdoor space to enjoy,” said Sharon. “Whilst I have always worked from home in the main, I have not travelled at all in recent months so having my own home office space that I can work efficiently from, has been an absolute blessing too.”

During the pandemic Simon has continued to travel to his work but has found that driving home through the beautiful Kent countryside is a wonderful way to destress from his busy days.

The couple, who had been looking for a park home on and off for around five years, were particularly pleased with the demographic for Serenity Parks – residents are permitted to be over 45 only which is different to many providers who specify an older minimum age for residents.

Sharon concluded; “Everything about moving here has been perfect from choosing our house type and interiors, having help from the Serenity Parks team to sell our home through their assisted sale package, and then actually living here. I’m not sure how we would have coped in our one-bedroom flat during these prolonged lockdowns; being here has helped us enjoy plenty of fresh air and friendship and I couldn’t recommend it more!”

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