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Frequently Asked Questions about Ownership

You are free to sell your holiday home if you choose. You are required to notify the park when you decide to put your home up for sale. As specified in your holiday home license agreement, there will be a resale commission due to the park at the time of sale completion.

Yes, you can upgrade your holiday home at any point. Should you wish to do so our sales team can help you with this.

All new holiday homes at Salcombe Regis Park come with a BH&HPA licence agreement with a 99 year term.

Our park is a gated, safe area with CCTV installed as part of our security measures. Our goal is to give each and every one of our owners a safe and secure atmosphere. Owners are responsible for their own homes, but we try to ensure we can give owners as much security as the park can.

Yes, pets are part of the family! Salcombe Regis Park is Pet Friendly! Although some dog breeds listed under the dangerous dog’s act 1991 are not permitted. We do have dedicated exercise area especially for dogs, that you can make use of.

We take great pride in witnessing our owners enjoy their holiday homes with their loved ones, and you are welcome to bring family and friends to stay with you at any time at our park.

Superfast Wi-Fi is available on Salcombe Regis Park. It is installed, supplied, and charged through a third party, giving holiday homeowners the option to have an individual install in their home. At the time of purchase and setting up your home to the services, if you choose to have Wi-Fi, we cover the installation cost of adding Wi-Fi.

No, council tax is not payable as it is not a residential address. However, as the holiday home is situated on a holiday park, you will incur an extra charge in relation to local authority rates. This is a small sum and far less than council tax.

No, stamp duty is not applied when buying a holiday home. Holiday homes are typically exempt from stamp duty, regardless of their location or value.

Following the purchase of your holiday home, the additional charges include but are not limited to utility bills (electric, gas, water & sewerage), local authority rates, Wi-Fi and insurance.
In addition, there is an annual pitch fee, this is for the right to station your home on our park, as per the licence agreement. In order to stretch out the annual pitch fee and make ownership more manageable and inexpensive, we can provide interest-free payment plans.

There are many models available at this park, with homes at the ready, but if you would like to customise or choose your own design of holiday home, we work with all the major manufacturers, so can accommodate this upon request.

Yes you can choose your pitch, you will given a guided tour of the location of the pitches you can choose from.

Although the models differ in terms of appearance, all our holiday homes come fully furnished. Although some appliances may vary, dependant on the supplier.

Every holiday home has a warranty. The holiday home you are buying will determine the duration and contents of the warranty. The manufacturer is always the source of the warranty.

During the season, you are free to come as often as you’d like.
Salcombe Regis’s season is 10 and a half months and lasts from March 1st to January 15th. Other than during the closed period there are no restrictions on how many times you wish to use or stay within your holiday home.

You are not permitted to use your holiday home as your primary or permanent residence, but there are no restrictions on how often or how long you can spend there on holiday during the season.
You must have a permanent residential address. It is not necessary for your primary residential address to be in the UK; it just must be verified.

No, you are not buying the land; instead, you are buying a holiday home with the permission to use a pitch on the park as long as you pay the annual fees and follow the park’s regulations.

The space/base where the holiday home is situated on the park is called a pitch. The “concrete base” of your pitch is the park owner’s responsibility, along with the connection to the parks services; however, when you have selected your pitch and purchased your new holiday home, you are responsible for maintaining the home and your pitch.

If you wish to reserve a pitch, you will need to make an initial deposit of £2,000.00, which is nonrefundable after 14 days.

We are not a credit broker nor a lender, however financial arrangements are available to purchase holiday homes, and we will be able to point you in the right direction for this.

Once you have chosen your make and model, and the pitch location, we then arrange transport and siting of the home. We ensure the home is connected to all the parks services, and ensure the home is tested and certified. We provide front and rear steps alongside the under skirting to the home. We also provide a dedicated driveway.
Everything mentioned above can be customised to your preferences; if you would like to alter any of these, there may be extra fees.

Nothing compares to unwinding on your own roomy terrace while taking in the fresh air. We can make arrangements for deck installation through our designated suppliers. Or should you wish to install decking at a later date, you can do so with the parks permission.

Frequently Asked Questions about Touring

We do not allow commercial vehicles or trailers on the parks unless by prior agreement.

We have a chemical disposal point for grey/chemical waste.

We are dog friendly, you may bring your dogs, but we have a maximum of 2 dogs per booking.

We permit charcoal and gas BBQ’s that are above ground. We do not allow fire pits or burning of timbers.

We have Wi-Fi available but this is supplied and charged through a third party.

Yes we offer winter storage.

7 x 4 metres including guy ropes, any tents over this size you can enquire to see if we could accommodate.

Hard standing Pitches at all parks – max. 8m.

Yes, there is space for an awning but please check with the park before prior arrival if you are unsure on size.

We allow one car per booking. Some of our parks allow an extra car, it is dependent on space. There is an extra daily car charge applicable for second cars.

When going through the booking process you can pick your pitch location.

The check in time for Touring Pitches is from 2pm – 5:30pm. Check out is 12 noon.

ALL arrivals (Guests and their visitors) MUST check in at reception at the time of arrival before going to the pitch– even if they know which pitch, they are staying on.
The check in time for Touring Pitches is from 2pm – 5:30pm
All details can be found on the booking terms and conditions.

All guests are emailed booking confirmation. If another copy is required, please contact the park and they will happily send you another.

We currently allow 14 days to be booked online, but should you wish to extend further, please visit the onsite reception and one of the wardens will be happy to help and check availability.

The maximum length of stay on a touring pitch is 28 days.

Our usual protocol is to have the habitation door on the right followed by any awning. However please check with the park and the wardens on site and they will be happy to advise.

To book a seasonal pitch you can either email or call the park you are wanting to book.

The summer season runs from Mid-March – End of October.
The winter season runs from November – Mid March
This is approximate and you will need to check with the park.