Silver surfers using technology to revolutionise their homes

Silver surfers revolutionise their homes with tech

We take a look at some of the best and how they can help.

As we’ve been required to spend more time in our homes during the last year than at any other time in post war Britain, a new trend has become evident – that older people are embracing technology like never before.

We take a look at some of the best and how they can help.

‘Appy’ times

It seems like there is just about an app for everything these days but it’s not just about games. If you love reading and in particular love a magazine but have been unable to get out to buy them Readly brings you over 7000 magazines and newspapers to enjoy. So whether it’s garden tips, recipes or travel there’s something for everyone, made even better by it’s family share option.

We know we said that apps weren’t all about games however there is one that you might like, especially whilst social meeting is prohibited. Check out ‘Words with friends’ – a bit like Scrabble but it allows multiple players online; great for some healthy competition and to while away an hour or two. Or, if you prefer doing a crossword or a spot of Sudoku you’ll find plenty of apps to help you enjoy such pastimes.

Practical assistance

There is lots of technology available now that can deliver practical assistance from remembering when to take medication to turning lights on and off.

Alexa, has been a great tool in helping older people play music, add things to shopping lists and set reminders, all without having to leave their armchairs.

And the advancement of technology has seen things like Smart plugs give greater control to homeowners allowing you to turn things on and off from your phone, whether you are in the home or not.

If manual dexterity proves somewhat challenging, you can control the water supply in your home with the flick of a switch and a swipe off an app. Or, if you love to write but find it difficult, how about an app that converts your speech to written digital text.

The amount of help and enjoyment that can be found via smart technology or apps is far reaching so if you’ve got a query, or wonder whether there is an app for it; simply search for it online and you’ll probably find something that can help.

Whether it’s the weather you want to check daily or have the ‘smartest’ house on the street technology is there to help and is often easier to use than you may think.

If all else fails; ask a teenager!

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