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Top eco-friendly ideas whilst living in serenity

In the last couple of years, much has been mentioned regarding the way we live and the steps we can take to make our lifestyles more eco-friendly.

By choosing a Serenity Park home you are already making a difference; lowering your carbon footprint with lower energy bills, well insulated properties and appliances that use less energy and water to provide all your home comforts.

There are many steps that our residents can take to help live a more sustainable lifestyle should they so desire. Here are our top ten ideas that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

1 – Turn things off. Leaving appliances on standby, or things on charge when they are full, uses up unnecessary energy.

2 – Recycle as much as possible. Find places to recycle everything from batteries and yoghurt pots to metal and furniture. All it needs is a little bit of research in your local area.

3 – Shop locally. Choosing to buy fresh produce that has been grown locally, or simply not travelling miles to buy things, will all lower your carbon footprint.

4 – Live a plastic free life – Choose to stop buying bottled water and fizzy drinks etc. Buy unwrapped fresh produce. Go to the local butchers and ask for meat to be placed in reusable tupperwares etc. Buy bread from the bakers and place in reusable hessian bags.

5 – Eat less meat – Meat production contributes hugely to CO2 emissions across the globe. Even going meat free a couple of times a week will make a difference.

6 – Clean with care – There are several eco-friendly cleaning products on the markets now, some of which can be refilled or brought in concentrate. Ditching wipes in favour of washable cloths and liquid cleaner is also a big game changer.

7 – See the light – Replace all lights with LED light bulbs which not only last longer, but are also significantly more efficient, using less energy and reducing CO2.

8 – Compost – This is easily done even when you don’t have a garden. With several domestic composting bins available that allow you to dispose of lots, but not all, of your food waste, veg peelings etc. it can be done in a clean and non-smelly way!

9 – Don’t throw away – Unwanted books, clothes, games, toys etc can all be recycled via local charity shops. And, if it’s an appliance that has stopped working, its worth hunting down a local repair person; there are lots more around now as people try to stop our throwaway culture.

10 – Natural Beauty – Just be aware of what you are buying. There are still toiletries that have harmful microbeads in them that don’t decompose. Avoid these at all costs. Companies like Lush do a whole host of products that have minimal packaging and can do the job just as well as those in plastic bottles and containers.

Choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle is becoming ever easier as more and more companies and business are finding sustainable solutions to give the consumer what they want – convenience, manageable costs and sustainability.

We hope these few tips give you some ideas as to how you can make sustainable choices whilst living in Serenity with us.

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